Every act of building requires the expertise and insight of a vast array of individuals. We have been privileged to partner with some of the regions most skilled and dedicated talent. To the countless designers, engineers and craftspeople who have contributed to the success of this work, thank you.

Paul Audrain

John Bertram

Jack Bransfield

Andrew Buck

Martin Busch

Scott Crowe

Gloria Fattore

Ben Gauslin

Maite Nino Gil

Jonathan D. Glick

Shawn Gordon

Ernest A. Grunsfeld IIII

Anthony Harrington

Peter Henseler

Jamie Holt

Lisa Jacobson

Hyeseon Ju

Josephine Kipper

Ben Kueck

Caleb Lowery

Brian Malady

Jorg Mieslinger

Miriam Neet

Josh Pincus

Steve Poston

Rick Rearick

Jan Rinke

Ulrike Schnitzer

Michael Schumacher

Phil Semon

Kathy Shafer

Thomas Shafer

Sarah L. Sherry

Jenny Snider

David Strandberg

James Swann

Dan Tornheim

Claudia Valent

Juluis von Holst

Michael Wilkinson

Tobias Wolfe

Edgar Wong

Benjamin Zachwieja

Andrea Zaff